Bespoke commissions

A lot of my work is for bespoke commissions, requests from clients who have a requirement for something that they can't buy.  Often they just want something special for a loved one such as a specific coloured handbag with a particular animal on the lining inside, or the same handbag style available in the shop but much bigger to accommodate sheets of music or work items.  Now and again though we get the more unusual ones.

One gentleman contacted me to tell me he had rescued a Cane Corso dog.  This particular breed is very large and the poor dog was wearing a collar that was cutting in to his neck and the client had not been able to find a collar big enough or strong enough for him.  We quickly set about designing and making a beautiful handmade collar to make Jack Black comfortable, and I think he is very pleased with the results!

Another commission was for someone who had lost her beloved horse and really wanted something as a fitting reminder for her best friend.  We came up with the idea of using two of his shoes for handles (they were aluminium so quite light) and she was delighted.

So whatever you want, however outlandish it may sound, it may well be possible!

If you have any special commissions that you would like to discuss or require any further information, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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